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Adam R. White
Attorney at Law
Adam White graduated cum laude from Creighton University School of Law in 2007 and is an Partner with Erickson | Sederstrom’s Healthcare, Corporate Law and Litigation practice groups.  He is admitted to practice in all state and federal courts of both Iowa and Nebraska.  Mr. White practices extensively in healthcare law and advises both acute-provider and long-term care clients on regulatory and compliance issues relating to Stark and Anti-Kickback Laws, HIPAA, EMTALA and other enactments affecting providers of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursed services.  Other areas practiced by Mr. White include drafting, review, and negotiation of contracts for the firm’s corporate and healthcare clientele and general civil litigation of matters ranging from insurance defense to corporate litigation.

Additional Information
Adam is currently an adjunct Professor of the Law at Creighton University.  Adam was the co-coach of a competitive trial team at Creighton's law school that competed at the 2011 PR Trial Advocacy Competition in Puerto Rico in the fall of 2011.  Adam teaches Pretrial Litigation at the law school.  Prior to attending law school, Mr. White worked in the long-term care industry serving as both an admissions director for a local skilled nursing and assisted living facility, and as the director of marketing and admissions for the eastern region of Nebraska with a national long-term care corporation.

Practice Areas of Expertise

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Do You Have Health Care Clients? Be Prepared for New HIPAA Rules!
August 13, 2013
Broad and sweeping changes were made to the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) this past spring. If you are working with clients in the health care industry, these changes apply to you.
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Round Two of Challenges to the ACA in the Supreme Court Looks Likely
July 31, 2013
A ruling over the weekend by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the “contraception mandate” of the Affordable Care Act creates a split of authority on the issue and strongly invites review by the U.S. Supreme Court.
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Heavy Hitting at Halifax Hospital: Huge Fines and Broad Implications for the Healthcare Industry
July 9, 2013
The fines sought by the government for allegations that Halifax Hospital violated Stark are staggering. But it’s the broader implications for health care providers across the country, if the government is right, that are truly frightening.
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White House Delays “Pay or Play” provision of ACA until 2015
July 4, 2013
The Obama administration announced Tuesday that “large” employers will not be required to provide insurance to their fulltime employees until 2015 instead of January 1, 2014, as originally required under the ACA.
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Second Round of Major Constitutional Challenges to the ACA Revitalized by the Supreme Court
November 28, 2012
On Monday the Supreme Court breathed new life into challenges that the ACA’s requirement for employers to provide insurance covering contraceptives is unconstitutional.
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Nebraska to Allow Feds to Run Insurance Exchange
November 16, 2012
On Thursday afternoon, Governor Dave Heineman announced that he will allow the Federal government to run the insurance exchange for the State of Nebraska under the Affordable Care Act.
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Doubts Mounting Over DHHS Ability to Meet October 2013 Deadline for Insurance Exchanges
November 15, 2012
In the wake of a highly contentious and polarized election season, the re-election of Barack Obama all but ensures the Affordable Care Act will stay in place; but is DHHS up to the task of implementing it?
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AHA Files Suit Against U.S. Government Over Aggressive RAC Program
November 2, 2012
In a lawsuit recently filed by the American Hospital Association against the U.S. Government, the Association is alleging that overly aggressive RACs are costing health care providers hundreds of millions of dollars for legitimate care.
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91 Charged Across 7 Cities for Medicare Fraud Totaling $429 Million
October 8, 2012
In one of the largest ever single-day crackdowns by the United States government on Medicare fraud, 91 individuals across 7 different cities, from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, were charged with over $429 million in false or fraudulent billings.
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CBO Raises Estimate of Those Hit by ObamaCare Tax
September 24, 2012
Revised CBO Predictions Illustrate the Impact of the Affordable Care Act’s Individual Insurance Mandate on Middle Class and Low Income Americans.
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Affordable Care Act Will Cost $84 Billion Less Due to Supreme Court’s Ruling
July 26, 2012
In the wake of the historic decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act, the Act will now cost $84 billion less while also covering fewer individuals.
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Compelled Deposition of Foreign Corporations Under Rule 30(b)(6)
July 19, 2012
Generally, under Rule 30(b)(6) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the depositions of a foreign corporation are usually required to be taken at the corporation’s principal place of business. However, corporations should note that courts look to a number of different factors in determining whether to rebut this general presumption.
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Nebraska Joins Ranks With Other Republican States to Oppose Medicaid Expansion
July 12, 2012
Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman has publicly announced that Nebraska will not participate in Medicaid expansion.
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Administration Will Selectively Enforce the ACA’s Individual Mandate
July 11, 2012
HHS recently announced that it will not “enforce” the individual mandate requirement from the ACA in states that choose not to expand Medicaid.
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U.S. Supreme Court Upholds “Individual Mandate” Required by ACA.
June 28, 2012
In a landmark ruling, the United States Supreme Court will allow one of the most of the controversial provisions, requiring all Americans to purchase health insurance, to stand.
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U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Medicaid Expansion of PPACA as an Unconstitutional “Gun to the Head”
June 28, 2012
Despite upholding the “Individual Mandate” of the Affordable Care Act, has the U.S. Supreme Court indirectly turned Obama Care on its head by striking down the ability of the federal government to withdraw Medicaid funding for any State choosing not to expand its Medicaid program?
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Health Insurers to Begin Issuing Insurance Rebates
May 14, 2012
Under a rule created by the landmark Health Care Reform Law, insurers will now begin issuing approximately $1.3 billion in rebates to nearly 16 million Americans.
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Oral Arguments Concluded on Health Reform Bill in U.S. Supreme Court
March 30, 2012
On March 28, lawyers finished their 3rd day of oral argument in the United States Supreme Court arguing the constitutionality of the health care reform legislation passed in 2010.
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Argument Begins on Health Care Reform Law Next Week in Supreme Court
March 23, 2012
After months of anticipation, the Supreme Court will begin hearing oral argument on the constitutionality of the massive health care reform bill.
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Potential FCA Liability Under Contractual Reassignment: OIG Alert Cautions Providers to Exercise Care When Reassigning their Medicare Payments
March 13, 2012
Physicians whose services are billed to Medicare under an independent contractor reassignment should pay particular attention to a recent Office of Inspector General (OIG) Alert Highlighting FCA Liability Under Contractual Reassignment.
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Nebraska, Joined by Several Other States, Files Suit in Federal Court Seeking to Block Health Reform
February 28, 2012
On February 23, the State of Nebraska, joined by several other States as well as various entities affiliated with the Catholic Church, led the charge in the resistance to the federal government’s requirement that such entities offer contraceptive services.
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Nearly $4.1 Billion Recovered from Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Efforts in 2011
February 27, 2012
On February 14, 2012, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that its increased efforts in preventing and enforcing health care fraud laws resulted in recovering nearly $4.1 billion.
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CMS Proposes New Overpayment Reporting Rule
February 16, 2012
In order to implement § 6402 of PPACA, CMS is proposing regulations relating to the reporting of overpayments made under the Medicare Program.
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“Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Demand for Kagan’s Recusal From Health Care Legislation Challenge.”
January 25, 2012
“Kagan’s recusal from health care legislation challenge remains an open question following Supreme Court decision.”
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OIG to Allow Certain Domiciliary Services Programs to be Offered by Hospitals
November 21, 2011
Health care providers may be able to provide certain lodging, transportation, and dining assistance to patients and family members of patients under certain circumstances...
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Stark Self Disclosure Protocol Now in Full Swing
November 3, 2010
On September 23, 2010, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the much anticipated Voluntary Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol (SRDP). The Affordable Care Act (ACA) enacted on March 23, 2010 required that CMS create a protocol to enable entities to self-report Stark Law violations in much the same way that a process already exists for the self-disclosure of violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute.
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ADA Regulations Shed Light on What Qualifies as “Service Animal” for Places of Public Accommodation
November 1, 2010
Find out more information about what actually qualifies as a "Service Animal" under the ADA...
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Anti-Smoker Hiring Policies: Could You Be Facing a Lawsuit?
November 1, 2010
Health care legislation and "lifestyle statutes" cause great concern to employers and smokers alike, read more and find out if you could be facing a lawsuit.
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New Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Program Integrity Provisions: High Hopes, Hefty Compliance Requirements
November 1, 2010

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Legal Challenges to Health Care Reform Gain Traction
October 29, 2010
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”), is already being challenged by several of the state’s attorneys general. Find ou if your state is one of them...
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Hospital's Can Provide Free Insurance According to the OIG
October 29, 2010
The Office of Inspector General (OIG) stated that it would not impose sanctions on hospitals requesting an advisory opinion concerning its provision of insurance pre-authorization services.
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About Our Compliance Programs
June 14, 2010
Compliance programs are created to be self-policing efforts designed to preempt the need for law makers to enforce companies to follow federal guidelines. The legislative roots of today's compliance programs are embedded in federal legislation passed in 1984 that was aimed at reducing fraud and abuse of federal programs. Compliance is now a major topic of health care executives and starting in 1997, commercial laboratories, the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services has created a series of new compliance programs with guidelines for health care providers. This year hospitals and home-health agencies and almost the entire health care sector is trying to find their way within the regulatory programs.
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Office Location
Regency Westpointe
10330 Regency Parkway Drive Suite 100
Omaha, Nebraska 68114-3761
(402) 397-2200


Creighton University (B.S., Health Administration and Policy; Certificate of Business Administration, 2003) Creighton University (J.D., cum laude; Certificate of Concentration in Litigation, 2007) Member, Buffalo-Niagara National Invitational Trial Team, 2006 CALI Award (highest grade): Witness Examination Skills; Legal Writing and Lawyering Skills II

Member Of
Nebraska Bar Association Iowa Bar Association Omaha Bar Association American Health Lawyers Association

Civic Information
Mr. White is a member of St. Vincent de Paul Parish and is actively serving on Parish council.  He dedicates time to assisting the housing corporation for the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity at Creighton University.  Mr. White also serves as an adjunct professor of law at Creighton University School of Law.

Admitted To
Nebraska, 2007 Iowa, 2007 United States District Court of Nebraska United States District Court for the Northern District of Iowa United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa


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