Nebraska Legislature Considers Property Tax Relief Procedure for Property Owners Whose Property has been Damaged by a Natural Disaster

Lawmakers heard LB512, introduced by Senator Lou Ann Linehan, on April 9. The bill contains alterations in state tax law that were requested by the state Department of Revenue. The bill allows for a property owner to petition his or her county assessor for a reassessment of property value if the property was damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster. Senator Steve Erdman introduced an amendment, adopted 41-0, which would require the county assessor to report all real property destroyed by a fire or other natural disaster to the county board of equalization. The county board would then adjust the value. Senator Curt Friesen supported the amendment and stated that the amendment would not have a significant effect on a political subdivision tax revenue. Property owners who suffered significant losses in this year’s flooding should consider consulting with counsel to determine their options to reduce property tax liability.